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Published in Industry on 26/11/2018

Zoobox Raises €5.5m Funding to Design Eco Tourism Homes Around the World

CNI Editor reports

Zoobox is an early-stage Irish company that is capitalising on growing demand for ‘back to nature’ holiday experiences and an alternative form of housing solution. Their alternative model of housing is answering the call of eco-tourism market trends and the off-grid homes will be to be delivered by the middle next year.

Zoobox have won a near €3 million contract to supply pre-fab homes to the Canadian market. The company has already raised €5.5 million from individual and institutional investors and is on track to raise a further €10 million in 2019.

Chief executive Guillaume Pellerin said, “This contract to supply 15 Zoobox homes to Canada is an important stage for us as we prepare to roll out further global developments in 2019.” The Zoobox concept was born out when Mr Pellerin tourism experience joined forces with  Alain Chagnon’s property and construction expertise.

The Zoobox team is committed to offering the opportunity to get back into nature and these off-grid eco-homes provide a more comfortable and sustainable way to do this rather than traditional camping.  “People are increasingly looking for ways to reconnect with the world around them in a positive way,” explains Mr Pellerine, and he adds “This is tourism without negative impact to the environment and provides a welcome respite to the vigours of a digitally-led life. For many, this is becoming less of a holiday and more of a lifestyle choice.”

Zoobox is adding to their workforce with up to new 12 staff expected to manufacture the homes in a factory in Inchicore on Dublin’s southside.

The homes are made of glass, wood, metal alloys and composites. One wall is a series of glass panels that can be opened back. Each can sleep up to six people and as they are off-grid they can rely on their own solar panels and wind turbines for electricity. And here is the fun part, each home boasts a space-saving bed that descends from the ceiling and an entertainment centre that requires 45 minutes of cycling to generate power to use it!