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Event Management Services for the Construction Industry


Construction Network Ireland is already building a reputation in the Irish construction industry for successfully delivering complex and large scale events for it’s clients.

With a deep understanding of the unique requirements and needs for these events, are services are unrivaled within the industry. CNI’s skilled and experienced team of professionals offers the following services listed below.

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    What do we do?

    Venue Selection

    Choosing the perfect venue and location is a decision that plays a critical role in the success of an event.

    Catering Management

    Food and beverage options are an essential component of any event. We will manage menu options, budgets and coordination of staff.

    Invitation Management

    Our team will work on building guest lists, managing responses and event registration.

    Speaker Sourcing

    CNI have access to construction industry leaders. Identifying the right speaker is key to a successful event. We can arrange all logistics in between invitations and stage times.

    Signage & Branding

    Identifiable branding should reflect your style of event. Our designs will ensure clear messages are sent to your guests.

    Travel Coordination

    We can organise transport via air, rail and road to make your event as accessible as possible. Seamless transfers are our speciality.

    Event Marketing

    A strong marketing strategy is imperative to stir interest amongst potential attendees and networkers. Our marketing team is ready to create a strong campaign around your business.

    Media Management

    We enjoy an excellent relationship with the biggest media outlets. Our media team will work with you to ensure relevant press coverage of your event and business.

    Social Arrangements

    It is important to create a sense of intimacy, even at the biggest events. It creates a space for excellent conversation and real connections. Our team has experience in a wide variety of breakout spaces conducive to memorable social.

    Event Photography

    CNI has access to a wide network of the best social photographers in the industry.

    Post Event Marketing

    As part of our marketing strategy, we appreciate that it is important to continue to communicate with attendees and the media even after the event conclusion.

    Post Event Report

    We will provide you with in depth analysis based on real feedback and attendee surveys.