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Published in Industry on 23/11/2022

Microsoft Renewable Contracts Set to Contribute Almost 30pc of CPPA Target

CNI Editor reports

Microsoft has unveiled a number of renewable energy agreements that are expected to add more than 900 megawatts of onshore wind and solar energy to Ireland’s electricity grid.

The new energy contracts, signed with Statkraft, Energia Group and Power Capital Renewable Energy, will contribute almost 30pc to Ireland’s corporate power purchase agreement target by 2030, according to the tech company.

A Power Purchase Agreement is a long-term electricity supply agreement between a customer and a power producer.

A Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA) with a focus on renewable energy can now speed up the development of renewable energy projects as it guarantees funding, as well as a revenue stream for generated electricity.

The government’s climate action plan includes a target of 15pc of electricity demand to be delivered from renewable energy CPPAs by 2030.

Microsoft is now expected to contribute 28pc to that target before then.

The company also anticipates that its data centres here will be supported by 100pc renewable energy by 2025.

“With these agreements, we support new renewable energy infrastructure in Ireland,” said Microsoft corporate vice president Noelle Walsh.

“As we continue to support the growing demand for cloud across public and private sectors, Microsoft is committed to partnering with all stakeholders to help Ireland on its grid decarbonisation journey while unlocking the opportunities of a digital economy and society,” she added.

Statkraft Ireland managing director Kevin O’Donovan added that the move will help to deliver green energy to homes and businesses “amid a fossil fuel-driven energy crisis.”