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Published in Construction on 21/10/2021

Ireland’s Most Sustainable Hotel Opens

CNI Editor reports

Wren Urban Nest  is based in the heart of Dublin city centre, a 137 room, nine floor hotel constructed using the most advanced sustainable technologies, eliminating the need for fossil fuels and allowing them to use 100% renewable electricity to achieve ‘Net Zero Carbon’ status,  Wren is the first hotel in Ireland to comply with the World Green Building Council’s definition of ‘Net Zero Carbon’ without having to purchase carbon offsets. 

Wren Urban Nest has taken a number of ‘Little Steps’ to fulfil their commitments to ‘Net Zero Carbon’ status and to create an overall ethical and sustainable hotel experience. The hotel sources all its ingredients and toiletries from local suppliers, including The Handmade Soap CompanyNiks Tea, and Contour Coffee. Each room is supplied with water cartons from Irish supplier Cuilin, and stocked with ethically-sourced bathroom amenities in recycled packaging. 

Its Scandinavian design-led rooms come in three sizes;  

  • Snug Nests (9.5sq.m) 
  • Cosy Rooms (12 sq.m) 
  • and Roomy Nests (18 sq.m).  

High tech, cleverly compact and efficient, these tranquil nests are the perfect hideaway, whether you’re flying solo or travelling as a pair. Each sanctuary has everything a guest needs for a comfortable stay. 

Wren allows visitors to enjoy great luxury but without the guilt. All ensuite with rain showers;  Respa mattress and blackout blinds in each room to ensure a super comfy night’s sleep, a 43” Flat Screen TV with Chromecast and high speed WiFi.

Director of Moran Hospitality and Hotel Operator, Tracey Moran said: “We couldn’t be more excited to have Wren Urban Nest open. We are passionate about the environment and believe in taking little steps towards a better planet. Our guests can expect bags of personality and a bespoke Dublin City experience that does not compromise on luxury while still doing their bit.” 

The Smart HVAC system  reduces energy use whilst keeping the temperature cool in the summer and cosy in the winter. An advanced feature of this bespoke HVAC design also allows free energy sharing across the hotel. On cold winter days, the air source heat pump transfers heat from the west façade that is in the sun to the east façade in the shade. In summer when there is no heating load, the energy is transferred to the hot water supply for showers and wash hand basins.  

Wren’s hot water, heating and cooling system design is based on a combination of highly efficient air source and water to water heat pumps with no fossil fuels being consumed, avoiding the production of large amounts of local pollution within an urban environment. Unlike every other hotel in Ireland, Wren burns no fossil fuels and runs on 100% renewable electricity. 

Rejected heat is captured and used as a renewable source for hot water and heating. The result is an Eco-friendly accommodation option for hotel guests in Ireland who wish to minimise their carbon footprint whilst travelling.  Wren’s Ventilation system captures 81% of rejected heat using a thermal wheel and therefore heats the incoming fresh air for free.  

The kitchen at Wren Urban Nest does not rely on any gas for cooking, ensuring Wren’s zero carbon commitment is fully followed through in all aspects of the hotel operation. The chefs are passionate about using the best local produce, and work in a way that is as low impact as possible. Chefs at Wren are committed to responsible food sourcing and active use of ‘ugly fruit and wonky veg’ to prevent delicious and nutritious produce going to waste. 

Wren’s water demand is set to be approximately 60% lower than that of typical hotel accommodation buildings through the implementation of water conservation measures and low loss fitting specifications. There is a Green roof and rainwater runoff is attenuated reducing loads on the public mains. To further improve the guest experience, hydration stations have been placed in the corridor of each floor providing free chilled drinking water and guests will be given jugs to top up at their leisure.