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Published in Reports on 06/06/2016

Exploring Better Rental Options for Ireland


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In 2014 the National Economic and Social  Research Council (NESC) in Ireland published  a report which highlighted the opportunity of  “cost rental” for Ireland’s social housing  sector but did not go into detail on how it might  be established.  Following this, the Housing Agency began its  own research into the feasibility of a cost rental  system for some social housing provision in  Ireland but wished to test some assumptions  with independent experts. Therefore, in May  2015, the Housing Agency and ULI Ireland  jointly hosted a roundtable to explore the idea  of cost rental and other opportunities for  improving the rental sector’s offer in Ireland.

This report offers a summary of the full day’s  discussion by the group of multidisciplinary  housing professionals and academics from  Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium,  Germany and North America. The roundtable  explored various rental options for the housing  market in Ireland, based on experience from  other markets across Europe and enabled a full  and frank “Chatham House” style conversation,  meaning all quotes from the roundtable are not  attributed in the report and represent individual  opinions and not necessarily factual positions.

The report also provides a synthesis of the  substantive policy measures announced in the  year since the roundtable, many of which  directly address the issues raised in that initial  discussion.

Download the full report  HERE

Catherine Gregory