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Published in Construction on 05/12/2022

CNI Persons of Impact 2022

CNI Editor reports

Construction Network Ireland launches search for the industry’s changemakers, in association with Property District

Construction is an industry in transition. There are many drivers of this, but who are the development and construction changemakers who are making a positive impact in Ireland right now? 

After a few challenging years for the industry, Construction Network Ireland, in association with Property District, wants to shine a light on the doers and innovators who are making such a huge contribution while driving much-needed change across the industry. 

Help us by nominating a Person of Impact who has inspired you in 2022.

Hayley Elliott, Managing Director, Construction Network Ireland, said: “Irish construction is full of inspiring changemakers who deserve to be recognised for their ongoing commitment to building better and to delivering top quality projects, in Ireland and beyond.”

“It has been a challenging year for the industry and 2023 will bring further change. But with change, comes opportunity. There has never been a more important time for people to speak up and share what is truly great about our industry.” 

Carol Tallon, CEO, Property District

Help us to identify the real change-makers who inspire you, those who are having a positive impact on our industry right now:
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