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Published in Construction on 18/11/2020

CIF: Southern Region is Essential to Economic Recovery from Covid-19

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CNI Editor reports

The CIF Southern Region conference will hear that Government strategies for economic recovery post-Covid 19 and its long-term vision Project Ireland 2040 is entirely dependent on rapid growth in the southern region in the next decade. 

Conor O’Connell, Director CIF (Southern Region) said: “This year is critical in propelling Ireland and its economy towards a more balanced and sustainable setting.  We are highlighting the key projects that can empower this region to bring the country forward towards the vision of Ireland 2040.  These projects are strategic and transformative but unfortunately, they can take the best part of a decade due to the challenges of the political, planning and regulatory system, and their complexities.  We have to immediately bring these processes and preparatory works forward. The industry, of course, welcomes the €10billion commitment from Government to increase infrastructure investment in 2021.   As those on the front-line of delivery, we are collaborating with Government to improve the delivery mechanism of the State in terms of procurement and contractual matters to improve outcomes for the state, the citizen and of course our members.”

The general consensus from main contractors is that tender enquiries have been very quiet for some time with no sign of this changing in the short term.

This is at a time when Project Ireland 2040 has set hugely ambitious growth targets for this region.  For example, Cork’s population is estimated to grow by 105,000 in 2031, 75,000 of these will be in the City.

To accommodate this growth we will need to build in the order of 2750 homes per annum in the City. To put this challenge in perspective we built 732 units in the City last year.

This will be bordering on the impossible because 50% of this growth will need to be housed in existing urban and brownfield sites.  That essentially means we will have to build 1375 apartments per annum in the city centre.  That equates to delivering seven Elysians per year for the next 11 years in the city centre.  This is at a time when the financials don’t work for the industry in terms of apartment delivery.  The danger is that our industry will not be able to deliver anywhere near the levels required and the entire strategy will collapse in the coming years and undermine Project Ireland 2040 entirely.

The conference will feature several local and international industry experts and policy-makers. 

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