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Published in Construction on 03/09/2019

Sisk Plans to Invest €2.8m in Electric Company Cars

CNI Editor reports

Irish construction company John Sisk & Son has announced that it’s going to invest some €2.8 million on more than 100 electric vehicles (EVs) for its company fleet over the next four years.

The company said it was “part of a company-wide drive to enhance energy efficiency”. The move is expected to yield savings of €450,000 annually, much of which will come from a reduction in expenditure on diesel fuel. Thanks to the Government’s electric car incentives, Sisk will also be able to deduct the full cost of the cars from its profits in the year of purchase, rather than claiming against tax over a period of eight years.

On top of the investment in vehicles (which will include company car offerings to all employees who qualify), the company has also said it will invest some €80,000 in installing fast-charging points at its offices and construction sites around the State.

Commenting on the initiative, Ian O’Connor, energy manager at Sisk, said: “This is an exciting initiative that showcases Sisk’s commitment to energy efficiency and carbon reduction. More than a quarter of our current energy consumption is attributed to our fleet. The switch to electric cars and vans can significantly reduce this so it is an obvious progression for our business.

“As a company, we are investing significantly in energy efficiency to improve the way we do business. EVs are just one of a number of initiatives we are rolling out as part of that commitment. Our ambition is to make energy efficiency part of the business culture in Sisk and across the industry.

“It is our belief that implementing effective energy management will filter through to our subcontractors and supply chain, transforming the construction industry.”

Sisk has estimated that the EV car move will reduce its overall company emissions by 560 tonnes. By its own calculations, Sisk’s total corporate emissions come to 20,240 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

“Sisk has recognised that the carbon emissions of the construction process are significant and is embarking on a process to reduce this,” a spokesman said. “Other projects we are working on include energy efficient site accommodation, utilising big data through plant telematics to effectively measure and reduce diesel consumption, and trials of hybrid power generators. In addition to this, Sisk has mandated that all timber used on our sites is procured from certified sustainable sources.”