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Published in Construction on 28/06/2018

Shortage of Surveyors “Alarming”

CNI Editor reports

A predicted shortage of construction and property surveyors has been described as “alarming”.

According to a new report, over 3,500 positions will need to be filled in the sector between now and 2021, but only 1,500 people are expected to graduate from surveying courses over that period.

It could mean there are not enough surveyors to meet the demand for housing.

DIT’s Dr Roisin Murphy authored the report – and says a number of things need to happen to address the shortage.

“The first of which is the promotion of the surveying professions overall so there is a greater awareness of the diverse career choice across the board,” said Dr Murphy.

“Secondly, to confirm that there are opportunities within and across surveying professions and therefore hopefully addressing residual uncertainty about choosing a career in surveying.”