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Published in Architecture on 15/10/2020

OPW Celebrates Innovation Week with a Free Webinar Event

CNI reports

As part of its programme to celebrate Innovation Week in Ireland, The Office of Public Works (OPW) is proud to present a free to attend webinar entitled ‘Progress and Preservation through Design,’ which is taking place next Thursday 22nd October from 11am – 1pm.

For almost two centuries, the design functions of the OPW have influenced many aspects of life in Ireland. Today, whether its pioneering landscape architecture that supports biodiversity and healthy ecosystems; the celebration of indigenous creativity through Ireland’s World Trade Fair Expo 2021 or the continuous development of smart flood management schemes, the OPW’s innovative work in the area of design continues to impact the everyday lives of the public it serves.

Hosted by some of Ireland’s most talented designers and planners, including Internationally recognised design guru Lorna Ross, guests will embark on a journey of discovery from Clonakilty to Dubai with unique insights into the creative minds and projects shaping our experiences and the important real-time and long-term role of accessible design in our response to a changing post-COVID world.

Announcing the details of this informative free webinar, Mr. Patrick O’Donovan, T.D., Minister of State, with responsibility for the Office of Public Works (OPW) said; “Despite the many difficulties we may be experiencing today it is a good time to think about making changes that will benefit our future. Design and innovation are central to that ability-to shape the world around us. We must not lose sight of the many possibilities that creativity, knowledge and resolve can deliver and the OPW are delighted to present some of the fascinating work taking place across the country and beyond that demonstrate this experience.”

Commenting on her involvement in this exciting free event, Lorna Ross said, “The world is changing, but I truly believe that good design can direct that change in a conscientious way. For me design is inherently optimistic. You design to go forwards and not backwards, so I think this is a very timely discussion that will focus the minds on the vital role design has to play in the evolution of our new world as creatives collaborate with science to determine outcomes.”

The Webinar Running Order is available on Innovation Week Webinar. Presentations will conclude with a brief Q&A session, with guests encouraged to reserve their slot for this inspiring free event at https://www.crowdcast.io/e/opw-innovation-week/register.