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Published in Construction on 31/05/2019

Irish Startup Zoobox Set to Revolutionise Eco-Tourism


CNI Editor reports

Irish startup Zoobox promises a high-end, off-grid experience for a stressed out generation, offering lots of cool features as well as being kind to the environment. Zoobox is a naturally-  immersive glamping offering, with world class scenery in secluded and secure environments around Ireland.

Zoobox have thought of everything including how to be environmentally friendly at a time when plastics and carbon emissions are being put into the spotlight. They want to add diversity to the accommodation that is currently available in Ireland today while providing first class scenery and natural beauty.

Zoobox adopts an interesting business model that has proven successful when rolled out previously in Canada. The early idea was to create something like Ikea style homes that could be built quickly and without harming its host environment. The team have years of experience in the real estate area and created the idea of Zoobox because they loved eco friendly options and wanted to merge their two big loves of real estate and eco-tourism.

So, what is the Zoobox?

Well, the Zoobox is an eco-friendly home that sits in a private area without the demands of life around you. It boasts a wind-down bed and a king sized one, as well as a bathtub that can be rolled outside and a human ‘hamster wheel’ that can be used to generate electricity to make popcorn or use the entertainment centre. They have fitted solar panels, a climbing wall inside and can sleep up to 4-6 people. There are kiddie rooms with a queen-sized bed and gives people the option to camp in the outdoors but in comfort.

The Zoobox team believes that getting people back into nature is key and with Ireland being regarded as one of the most beautiful places in the world, this was a natural choice. The real power comes from the solar panels. 50 metres sq. feels big because everything the kitchen table is embedded in the wall and everything comes out and pushes back. Open space in a small building. There is also a glass wall that can be removed out making the space tremendous. It can bring anyone into nature and anyone can take advantage. Retirees can’t camp as there is too much mud, so this offers a happy medium for everyone.

The goal is to enjoy and protect the environment that is hosting us.

On average people spend 6.5 hours a day on screens – something Zoobox is fundamentally concerned about. The rise in depression and mental health issues was another consideration when Zoobox was planning its homes. Let’s enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in comfort.