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Published in Construction on 31/05/2019

FM Approved Quality Building Materials continue UK Expansion

CNI Editor reports

Quality Building Materials (QBM) is one of Irelands leading independent specialist suppliers of flat roofing systems for the construction industry.

The Irish owned and operated practice by managing partners David Fitzpatrick and David Butler have grown their business from their trade warehouse in North Dublin to supplying their FM and BBA approved roofing systems and products to major projects across Ireland and the UK. The company has leveraged this expansion through the adoption of a number of high-profile roofing product agencies with distribution rights across Ireland and the UK.

Two of the companies most valuable agencies are the Flachdach Technologie (FDT) product range and the b/s/t range. The FDT range is Europe’s leading single ply roofing membrane, whilst b/s/t is a roofing accessories supplier, both which are manufactured to the highest quality standard in Germany. The FDT range of products includes the Rhenofol CV, a reinforced PVC reinforcing membrane, Rhenofol CG suitable for green roofing, loose laid and ballasted.

QBM also has exclusivity for the supply the new Rhepanol HFK membrane in Ireland and the UK. This membrane is hot air welded and crucially it is the most environmentally friendly membrane available on the market. Rhepanol HFK is the only system currently available with a full life cycle assessment to ISO 14040 standard, ensuring this product has no significant environmental impacts across all stages of production, installation and ultimately disposal. This membrane can be installed in three ways bonded, ballasted or mechanically fixed with our unique grip fix system. Rhepanol HFK has also recently passed all FLL testing for Root Resistance, making it suitable for green roofs. Their newest product Rhepanol HFK is one membrane that covers all systems.

The b/s/t range is one of the company’s newest agencies supplying a range of handmade flat roof accessories. Among this wide range of products is flat roofing outlets and flat roofing vents, which are suitable for PVC, EPDM, TPO and Bitumen membranes. b/s/t flat roof accessories were established in 1962 and currently operate across 24 countries delivering master craftmanship with their products. QBM can now distribute these products from their warehouse locations in Dublin and London.

QBM have continued to diversify their product range in order to meet the growing demands of the construction industry. David Butler, Managing Director of QBM comments: “Having worked in the industry for over 15 years we understand the needs of architects, specifiers and roofing contractors both in Ireland and the UK and we can now offer them the option to utilise the highest performance products, certified to the highest standards. Our diverse range of agencies means we have a suitable option for any project. Our FDT product range is FM Approved meaning it is tested to the highest standard making it the ideal choice for large Data Centre Projects and high value commercial projects”.

The company who have planned to invest further into new innovative technologies in the next three to five years have been specified on a number of major projects in Ireland and the UK including new IKEA stores in Reading and Sheffield with their certified products, Butler adds “We are enthusiastic for the coming months and for the growth of QBM in the UK market and have a tenacious business plan in place for any uncertainty that the Brexit may bring our way.”