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Published in Construction on 03/05/2019

CIF Support Young Homebuilders of the Future in Trim

CNI Editor reports

The school housebuilding competition took place at 10:00am on the 3rd May in St. Mary’s Convent Primary School Trim. The programme aims to tap into the students’ creativity by challenging them to build their own house.

CIF Director General Tom Parlon assessed all of the projects on the day, and spoke at length to the children about the process of building their house. The young students presented their houses built from materials including cardboard, clay and paper.

Each child was presented with their own Hivis vest, hard hat, and personalised certificate of participation. This is one of the many initiatives that CIF supports to encourage more young people to consider careers in construction.

A nationwide research project from the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) shows that perceptions amongst children and parents pose a long-term challenge to the industry’s future.

  • Over a third (36%) of Irish parents would not be comfortable with their child pursuing a career in the construction industry
  • Half (50%) of parents say the perceived ‘hard, physically demanding work’ is the reason they would not encourage their child to work in the construction industry, with 41% citing the ‘hazardous working environment’
  • Mothers are more likely to support their children in pursuing a career in the construction industry, with almost two thirds (62%) supportive compared to just 42% of fathers

Speaking at the housebuilding competition, CIF Director Tom Parlon said A career in construction offers creative opportunities and rewarding work. “The industry has changed and now provides creative, tech-driven and increasingly global careers for young people.  We are delighted that St. Mary’s Convent Primary School has asked its senior infants class to build model homes. The creativity and talent on show is really impressive. The enthusiasm these students show how attractive construction is to young people particularly before they are exposed to tired and outdated stereotypes about the industry.”