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Published in Construction on 20/12/2018

A message from the Editor…

CNI Editor reports

When Construction Network Ireland was launched in early 2016, the construction industry in Ireland was slowly beginning to dust itself off but investment was still thin on the ground and the recovery was only a tentative one.

Thankfully in 2018 the construction sector is on a much stronger footing now but it still faces significant challenges. Despite significant growth, increasing prices and better opportunities for companies in the construction and property sector, Ireland is in the middle of a housing crisis.

This has come about due decades of poor choices by successive government, a complete lack of sufficient investment in public housing and infrastructure and poor planning decisions. Despite a lot of talk, there seems to be no clear and sustainable plan to deal with the housing crisis.

The truth is that the only way that Ireland’s housing and infrastructure crisis can be addressed is through proper collaborative planning across industry bodies and investment.

The challenge

The most significant challenge facing the construction industry for the coming years is a lack of available construction professionals which is affecting companies abilities to deliver projects within budget and time.

Earlier in 2018, a survey carried out of CIF members by the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) showed that 94% of large construction companies reported a lack of adequately skilled tradespeople in the market.

The talent that emigrated during the years of the great recession are not coming home without knowing that the grass is greener. Over the past decade, they have found markets where they are well paid, where infrastructure for young families are better and where the price of their own housing is significantly lower than in Ireland. Getting them home is proving extremely difficult.

Bring them home

In the past two years, Construction Network Ireland has met the need of construction employers and employees alike with a dedicated Recruitment Section to advertise some of the prime roles available in industry leading companies in Ireland, to some of the most sought-after candidates around the world.

Our traffic comes from across the globe and the jobs we advertise reach Irish and foreign talent in the USA, Australia, Asia, and the Middle-East.

Among talented professionals in architecture, engineering and construction who are considering a move home to Ireland, Construction Network Ireland is a ‘daily click’ for engaging news, features and content tailored to their profession, their industry and their interests.  We are delighted to remain that link and strong connection to this important groups globally and will continue to do so into 2019 and beyond.

Women in Construction

One of the big changes over the past decade has been the increasing numbers of women in an industry that has traditionally been male-dominated.

More and more women are getting into the property and construction industry and to meet the demands of this growing workforce, along with Valerie O’Keeffe of Clarity VP Consulting, I founded Women in Property & Construction Ireland (WPCI).

Women in Property & Construction Ireland (WPCI) is a business forum for women working in the property and construction sector, allowing access to unique networking events, access to new business opportunities, as well as gaining insight into industry-specific challenges through expert-led events and seminars.

In 2018 we held 3 events – two amazing Breakfast Seminars at 1 Windmill Lane in May and at One Molesworth St in September and finishing with our first Spotlight Networking Evening in November. The buildings where we hosted these events are iconic and reflected the ambition and drive we have to make this business forum among the best in the country.

Feedback from these events has been incredibly positive and WPCI will continue to grow in size and scope in 2019.

A bright future

I founded Construction Network Ireland because I believed in this industry and the people that make it. I’m delighted to say that CNI is growing with our industry and we are extremely grateful for the support of our advertisers, sponsors and our wider circle of friends in the industry.

This year has been a great year for the construction industry in Ireland and we believe that 2019 is going to be an even bigger and better year for our industry. From all the team at Construction Network Ireland, we wish you and yours a happy Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2019.